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The planning and drafting of trust deeds is defined through a cycle of meetings and an on-going communication with the client and, in some cases, with their family members and personal consultants, which will help us to provide a tailored consulting proposal as close as possible to the needs and will of the client.

Once shared by the client, the trust proposal is implemented through the drafting of the individual terms of the trust deed by the Company and it is completed through a legal and tax analysis of the assets that will be distributed in the trust. 

Each trust dead drawn up by the Company is unique in all its parts as it is built tailor made on the basis of the needs of the individual client. 

We are also trained to work with a wide range of trusts, going from trusts set up for protecting and preserving private and companies’ assets over generational turnovers, to trusts aiming at protecting vulnerable individuals or trusts with philanthropic and collateral purposes.

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